Colinas RV Park in Elgin, TX

Colinas RV Park is away from the city hustle and bustle and you can count the stars at night.  Lots of trees, wooded country setting, natural growing vegetation with some spots fully shaded from the hot Texas sun. 

We are 24 miles northeast of Austin and you will be 3 miles from historical downtown Elgin with its famous barbecue restaurants, other fine dining, boutiques and shopping conveniences.

We have unique RV Park amenities not found anywhere else: propane, gated entrance, laundry, etc. Our peaceful country campground has extra-large RV sites and full hook ups      

What We Provide

Our Amenities

Gated Entrance

Laundry Room with Lounge Area

Propane Tank Station


Spectrum Wi-Fi 400 mb per second included in rental.

Lots of Shade

Your RV will have lots of shade on site

10 Acre Walking Park

10 acre hay field-dog park or walking park

Elgin, TX RV Park


Drivethrough and Back-in Spaces




RV Sites (Includes electric, water, wifi):




Additional Guests (more than 2 adults)


All RV site rates include two adults, one child, and two vehicles


$150 security deposit required. Deposits are capable of being refunded if given a 30 day notice to leave. The last electric bill and any damage done to the rv site will come out of the security deposit. 

We accept the following types of recreational vehicles (RV’s) at Colinas RV Park in Elgin:

  • Camper
  • Travel Trailers
  • Motorhomes
  • 5th wheels

All class A, B and C are welcome

*If your RV is older than 10 years. Please call (737)-258-3778 and send us pictures of your RV.*

Cancellation Fee:

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS within 30 days of reservation 

  • Management reserves the right to reschedule any guest requesting a cancellation, but is NOT obligated to do so. Rescheduling will be case by case and subject to availability.  



The following rules and regulations are in place to ensure a pleasant stay for you and our other guests. Management reserves the right to deny service to any guest or terminate their stay at the park immediately with no refund for lack of adherence to park policies.


  • Check in begins at 3:00 pm; 

  • Standard rates are for Two Adults (18yrs+) and up to 4 children. Additional Adults are $5 per daily/weekly reservation and $50 for monthly reservations.  Maximum number of guests is 6;

  • For our extended stay guests, site fees are due and payable on a monthly basis which would mean the same day of the month as original check in; extended stay does not constitute a landlord/tenant agreement, payment for sites is entirely for services rendered under a host/guest arrangement.

  • Monthly Customers will have a three day grace period before they are charged a late fee. If a customer does NOT pay within two weeks of the last grace period day, park management has the right to give notice to leave.

  • The late fee is $15 plus $10 per day after the third grace period day. No partial payments will be accepted. 


  • Check out is at noon. If you wish to extend your stay, please notify park staff prior to noon the day BEFORE your scheduled departure to re-register and avoid any site conflict.  We cannot guarantee the same site if you choose to extend, so please try to allow sufficient notice.

  • Guests checking out after noon, without prior approval in writing, will be charged for an additional day, at the regular rate.

  • Extended stay guests should provide five (05) days notice prior to checking out of the site so that way the park can inform new customers that your site will be available. 


  • Rates are subject to change on a moments notice

  • IF you happen to have a reservation that is 2 months or longer we will give you a 30 day notice to inform you that rates will be changing.

Cancellation Fee:

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS within 30 days of reservation 

  • Management reserves the right to reschedule any guest requesting a cancellation, but is NOT obligated to do so. Rescheduling will be case by case and subject to availability.


  • Park within your registered site.  Limit of two (02) vehicles, plus your RV. If extra trailers are brought for side by sides, boats, etc. You will have to pay a trailer parking fee if space is available. Call the park to set this up. 

  • Please do not park in landscaped or common areas, we work really hard to keep them nice

  •  Do not park in vacant sites, as you will be subject to charge for that site at the daily rate.

Speed Limit

  • A maximum speed limit of 5 MPH is strictly enforced.

Quiet Time

  • Quiet time is from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.  Please be courteous to your neighbors.


  • Up to two (02) pets are welcome.  Dogs must be leashed at all times.

  • Always pick up after your pet.

  •  Do not leave dogs unattended outside your RV, even while leashed or in portable pens, for long periods of time, or anytime you are away from the park.

  • Excessive barking by dogs can be disruptive to your neighbors, and will not be tolerated.

Site Appearance

  • Your site must be kept clean and free of trash and debris.

  • Outside storage is limited to normal items such as a BBQ, table, chairs, bikes, etc.

  •  Clotheslines are not permitted.

  • No large items can be stored underneath an RV (ladders, etc.) (Contact park staff for info) 


  • Please place all trash in plastic bags and deposit them in the dumpster promptly and properly.  Do not throw bags of trash, etc. on top of the dumpster.

  • Do not put hot charcoal ash in the dumpster or dispose of it on park grounds.


  • Please help keep our facilities neat and clean.  Report any problems immediately.

  • All common areas are to be kept free of debris; dispose of your trash/debris appropriately.

  • Some of the amenities at the park may require handing in a driver’s license in order to use Amenities. Such amenities would be the use of the pool table or shuffle board 


  • BBQ grills are authorized, either charcoal or propane

  • Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the park.

Alcoholic Beverages/Public Intoxication/Illegal Drugs

  • Public intoxication will not be tolerated at any time.

  •  Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the park at all times.  Law enforcement will be notified if use of illegal drugs is suspected.  Offenders must leave the park immediately without refund.


  • Damage to park property, theft or destruction will be assessed to the responsible party.

  •  Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children, and will be held financially liable for any damages caused by their children.

  • Guests are responsible for their visitor’s behavior.

  • The park, its owners, managers, employees or agents are not responsible for loss or damage to a guest or visitor’s RV, vehicle, or person for any reason.

 RV & Vehicle Appearance

  • RV’s and any personal vehicles must display current valid state vehicle license plates and have valid registration and be in good and operable condition.  The park reserves the right to refuse service to any RV/tent/pop up camper for any or no reason.

  •  Extensive mechanical maintenance to an RV and/or vehicle on site is not permitted.   


  •  In case of immediate emergency, dial 911.

 For other emergency responses, contact park staff at (737)-258-3778



What Our Clients Say About Us


Brian Jones
Brian Jones
Incredible Hospitality! I cannot praise this place enough! The owner goes above and beyond to make guests feel at ease. The cleanliness is exceptional, and the quiet ambiance allowed for a truly restful stay. The price is unbelievably reasonable for the quality of service provided. My stay was memorable, and I plan to return soon.
Edwardo Legaspi III
Edwardo Legaspi III
This was my first visit, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The ease of booking over the phone, combined with the wonderful atmosphere of the place, made for a memorable experience. I look forward to returning if I'm given the chance.
Traci Weber
Traci Weber
Overpriced sand pit, this place is at least $200 higher priced than the nicest park in a 50 mile radius. Which they get away with because the 43 RV parks in the area are booked as well as hotels do to new construction in Taylor. It's raw land, bush and tree covered that has a few dirt lots cleared for parking. I was thankful for my 4x4, so I didn't get stuck as the previous tenants did. Roads are rock and barely wide enough (scratch the side of my truck having to back out of a pull thru space due to tree stumps in the road. We could not get out of there fast enough.
Rick McCann
Rick McCann
Great place to stay if you like parking on broken housebreaking for a pad and copperhead snakes ,lots of copperheadsnakes I've killed 5 or six in the last 3 weeks
David Moriarty
David Moriarty
I loved Colinas RV Park! Majority of the sites are REALLY spacious and it's very peaceful at night. New owners took over a few months ago and have done a tremendous job maintaining the grounds. Looking forward to staying here next year depending on if their waiting list goes down.
Kacee Jackson
Kacee Jackson
The new owners have taken a nice park and taking it to a new level. They have done a great job!
This place is very peaceful and quiet. The owner Bonnie is friendly and reliable. If you need anything, she is there to help. The rates are great and the lots are good sizes. I highly recommend staying here.

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